Whether it’s your paycheck, Social Security, veteran’s benefits or pension, Direct Deposit ensures access to your funds on payday. You don’t need to mail in your check, Direct Deposit saves you time and worry.

To arrange Direct Deposit into any of your giantbank.com accounts…

For your payroll:

  • Find out if your employer participates in a direct deposit program with an Automated Clearing House (ACH).
  • Provide your employer with a voided check.

For your government checks:

  • In most cases, your Government Direct Deposit can be processed more efficiently by contacting the Social Security Administration at 1800-772-1213. Please list the giantbank.com routing and transit (R/T) number as 067014453.

For more information regarding Direct Deposit/ACH or if you have any questions for us, please go to Contact Us or contact a giantbank.com Customer Relationship Representative TOLL FREE at 1-877-446-4200. We look forward to hearing from you!