Enhanced Online Banking Security

We at giantbank.com continually enhance our Online Banking security to stay ahead of emerging threats. These changes are designed to keep your banking information even more secure while ensuring that our Online Banking service remains convenient and easy to use.

We’ve added a layer of security to our Online Banking login process to further validate your identity. This process is designed to keep your personal account information protected from fraud and identity theft. The new security measures will identify you as the true “owner” of your Online Banking relationship by recognizing your computer as well as your password. If we cannot recognize your computer, whether you’re using a new computer, a public computer or a computer that you had not used before, we will ask you for additional information that only you will know as another line of defense to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.

During the enrollment process, you will complete a number of activities:

  1. View your current e-mail address on file
  2. View your authentication image
  3. Enter your authentication pass phrase
  4. Provide answers to a series of challenge questions
  5. Decide whether or not to register your computer

If you are using a public computer at that time, such as in an Internet cafe or library, you may still complete the enrollment process. Later, you may register a non-public computer you regularly use to access your giantbank.com Online Banking relationship, such as your home or office computer. There is no limitation on the number of computers that you can register.Once you have successfully enrolled, you can log back into Online Banking to change the authentication image by choosing from a list of random images.